Woodwalkers Season 1 follows an entire semester of training at the Southeast Lineman Training Center. Students from all over the country have just 15 weeks to prove that they have what it takes to become a lineman. It’s their chance at a high-paying, exciting, and dangerous career. We’ll watch as our crew of green, starry-eyed students are divided into groups called “pole circles.” They are handed bags of new tools, books, boots, and climbing gear then sent off to meet their new instructors. Over the course of a few weeks the students find their feet and settle into their new skill set. With each ounce of confidence the students earn, the instructors have a new curve ball ready. The students are hit with weekly exams, stormy night training, 4-hour climbing sessions, and even a Navy Seal adventure course. Some will make it; some will not. But with each challenge we learn more about our protagonists. Student Fabian Pantoja finds motivation in a deep wound from the recent past to overcome injury and the expulsion of fellow student and cousin, Ivan Pantoja. Frank Diaz refuses to let age set his limits and earns the admiration of his fellow students as he is elected pole circle captain. Robert and Michael, too, overcome inner demons to achieve incredible personal developments. The season closes with a graduation celebration that leaves an already invested audience full of pride.