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Woodwalkers is a documentary series telling the real-life journey of men and women searching for a meaningful and rewarding career in the electrical utility industry.


They labor each day in the hopes of becoming a first responder who runs toward the storm, restoring power after devastating weather, and to help maintain the grid that keeps power flowing to our homes.


Follow along as these brave few face off against a grueling training regime in the hopes of one-day becoming linemen.


Woodwalkers is a window into the life of aspiring modern linemen. It helps tell a small part of the story of the high-risk, high-reward work electrical linemen bravely do for us all each day.


To become an apprentice lineworker is no easy feat. It often requires leaving your home and your family just to see if you have what it takes to learn the trade.


Season 2 takes a look into how this dangerous and extremely important work shapes the lives of real men and women who hope to create a future for themselves in this industry.


From heartache and homesickness to hard-won victories along the way, the road isn’t easy. But the big question looms: Do they have what it takes?

If you missed Woodwalkers - Season 1 on Discovery’s American Heroes Channel or while it was streaming on Amazon Prime, you can stream it now from The Independent Network


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